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About Us

Who the hell are you guys?

We get this one a lot. It’s probably because we’re far more interested in solving client problems than in doing any sort of promotion for ourselves. Whatsoever.  We’re talking about the cobbler’s children having no feet here. 

But really, who are you?

Hanna is a full-service marketing and advertising agency with a 40-year history of serving local, national and international clients from beautiful, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and reasonably attractive Vancouver, Washington. 

What is your formula for
marketing success?

Hanna doesn’t offer a single, cookie-cutter approach for the very simple reason that no two clients are the same. As much as a formulaic model would make our lives infinitely easier, we believe in delivering customized thinking right from the start, taking into account a client’s always unique mix of problems, opportunities, marketing and operational complexity, budget, timing needs, and tolerance for the process. 

Have you even heard of
the Internet in Idaho?

A little condescending, but okay: In fact, today our brainstorming room is just as likely to host digital media planners, data analysts, web developers, software coders and even IT personnel. The ad business has always required an eclectic mix of disciplines and personalities. But never have the lines between art, science, commerce, entertainment, and culture been so intertwined as in a true twenty-first-century ad agency. Yes, even in Idaho.  

Should I judge Hanna by its location?

No.  Just because we’re situated on the shores of an alpine lake and we bring our dogs to work, doesn’t mean we lack first-world discipline.  When a marketing opportunity lands on our conference table, we can’t wait to roll up our flannel sleeves. 

What is your business philosophy?

At the heart of all Hanna work is a consistent and compelling expression of the client’s unique brand. After all, without that, a brand simply becomes a clever hodge-podge of stuff we tried until we lost the account.

Will you do what I ask?

It depends.  If you ask for something brilliant, we’re here for you.  If you ask us to do the same thing you and/or your competitors have been doing for years with mixed results, we’ll happily refer you to any number of firms who specialize in that area. 

Have you won any awards
I should know about?

Yes. Closets full. Up until fifteen years ago. That’s when we’d finally had our fill of clients suggesting that we were only doing groundbreaking work to win hardware. So we pulled the plug on all awards shows and shared the entry fees with employees.  Believe it or not, nobody cried in their desk-beers.  And today the only judges we’re out to impress are your customers. 

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