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Meet the casino industry's

tough new competitor:


the couch.

It’s closer to home, offers limitless entertainment, and I’m already on it.  It’s my couch.  And it’s the biggest thing keeping me from visiting your casino.  Especially now, in the throes of the worst pandemic in more than a century. 

Meanwhile, inertia is my new best friend.  That’s the law that says my well-rested body is going to stay at rest, until acted upon by some kind of force.  So unless you’re counting on an earthquake to separate me from my new favorite venue, you may want to start talking.  And do it in a way that I can relate to.  Show me that I’m not alone in being alone; that there are plenty of others with the same reservations who have actually achieved extraction.  Appeal to my sense of humor so I don’t feel judged or denigrated.  After all, if I’m being honest, my self-esteem isn’t what it used to be.  

Maybe it should go something like this turn-key, fully licensable campaign from Hanna Dot Agency, a leading expert in casino marketing and advertising: 


reluctant couch potato and fully licensable

from Hanna Dot Agency + Comrade Studios

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New Video
New Video

Norm Baker: Reluctant Couch Potato is a smart, timely, ready-made television campaign designed to help your customers enter the “new normal,” once and for all.  Conceived and created by Hanna Dot Agency in partnership with Comrade Studios, it is, quite literally, the perfect message for this incredibly imperfect moment in time.  A targeted invitation to that large wedge of customers who remain wary of stepping out. 

Our award-winning team of casino marketing pros developed Norm Baker to be flexible and customizable, including ready-made placeholders for your property-specific imagery and messaging content.  Conceived and created to address an unprecedented moment in time, this unique campaign is your property’s best chance to emerge from recent economic turmoil looking better, stronger and more relatable than ever. 

Make no mistake: the rules have changed.  Customers are more concerned than ever about where and how they spend precious discretionary dollars.  Winning properties will be the ones that move beyond canned solutions of the past and embrace the new normal with fresh, original content. 

One casino property in your region will claim exclusive rights to put Norm Baker to work for their brand.  Don’t let it be your competitor!

For more information including region-specific pricing, call Rebecca Reeves at 208-667-2428, ext. 118 or ​fill out the short form below, today. 

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