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Hanna Dot Agency + Comrade Studios

Casino Messaging for the New Normal

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Over the years, Hanna Dot Agency and Comrade Studios have teamed to create some of the most compelling casino brand messaging in the country.  And all without tossing a single dollar at a wind-machine. 

Instead, we’ve developed a proprietary approach to building customer loyalty through smart, targeted storylines featuring relatable brand characters.  At the core of this strategy is the belief that people watch television, surf digital media, and listen to the radio for the same reason they visit a casino: to be entertained

Still, they are subjected to an endless barrage of flying money, over-dressed actors and tired jingles.  It’s one big, collective campaign brought to you by an industry that appears to have run out of ideas back in 1963. 

By contrast, take a look at just a few of the more than 70 commercials we’ve created for Northern Quest Resort & Casino using a smart, funny, relatable couple with fully rounded lives.  Dubbed “Spokane’s very own sitcom” by The Spokesman-Review this campaign proves Northern Quest’s ability to entertain before customers even locate their car keys. 

Meet Mark & Brooke!

NQ-Christmas Bonus 2018
NQ_AprilHotelRevised-QuickTime H.264
NQ_May11Toyota-QuickTime H.264

The Mark & Brooke  campaign is just one example of groundbreaking work developed for large and small casinos including Northern Quest, Little River Casino Resort, Foxwoods, Valley Forge Casino Resort, Coeur d’Alene Casino, and more. 

To explore how Hanna Dot Agency and Comrade Studios can help your property stand out, once and for all, call Rebecca Reeves at 208-667-2428, ext. 118 or send us an inquiry using the quick form below.

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